Voile Fabric is a soft and lightweight sheer fabric with a wonderful drape. The 100% Polyester voile is perfect for soft furnishings and adding a romantic touch to window treatments or table settings and the lightly crinkled texture. It can also be used for making flowing dresses, tunics, blouses, and skirts that are ideal for warm weather.

Voile Fabric is a Swiss lace Fabric with a soft texture and lightweight sheer fabric featuring a beautiful drape. Made from 100 percent polyester Material, Voile Fabric is a perfect choice of fabric for making glamorous blouses, skirts, tunics, flowing dresses, and gowns, and is a perfect fabric for the summer. Voile Fabric is also ideal for non-clothing uses in home decor and upholstery including adding an eye-popping finish for furnishings, table clothes, napkins, table runners, table overlays, and window curtains.


Sheer Voile

Sheer Voile fabric is perfect for drapery purposes. If you are looking for that fabric to give your space a stately feel, our Sheer voile fabric are ideal for your needs. Sheer voile fabric is also excellent for soft furnishings such as cushions, squabs, and quilted bedspreads.


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