AK-Trading Indian Reversible Vintage Silk Sari Magic Wrap Skirts - Lot of 12 Pcs. (Assorted Lengths)

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Product Overview

Magic Wrap is a double layer of cloth with a tie for fastening. Certainly, it looks like a skirt at first glance. But its wearers have been experimenting with it for a long time, and have found lots of other options. These include wearing it as a skirt, shawl, dress, apron, several different kinds of top, even as a turban! Each is made from sari fabrics and, like its wearers, no two are exactly alike. Some patterns are bright and busy, some are mild and subtle. However it is worn, the fabric drapes well on nearly every body type. It is typically found in short, medium, long, and plus sizes, and usually comes with a brochure or pamphlet showing several different ways to wear it, just to give you an idea of what can be expected. For other ideas, the web is an excellent resource. There are plenty of pictures, videos, and how-to's that you can refer to. Given that the Magic Wrap skirt is reversible, and can be combined with many different tops, jeans or slacks as well as looking just fine by itself, you can expect to create a nearly endless array of outfits with it.